Wednesday, April 27, 2011


On April 7th and 8th, The Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY) held their 2nd Annual Short Film Festival and the Get Down PSA crew, along with our sister org FACES NY, were in the house to support.

The two-day event was part showcase, part industry networking event and, surprisingly, part class project. The festival grew out of MCNY’s Media Management MBA program as a way for students to gain hands-on, real-time project management training. So this festival was not only about the films shown but about the students’ experience executing the event itself.

"TELLING STORIES - SHAPING DREAMS”, the theme of this years’ festival, was produced by MCNY Media Management grads George Kevin Jordan and Cherice Monique Bedford. The first day consisted of a stellar film industry insiders panel and filmmakers roundtable. Many industry vets, from producers and lawyers to filmmakers and accountants were on hand. With almost 100 attendees many MCNY and community film buffs were able to learn and connect with industry movers and shakers.

The second night was strictly about the films and their creators. Several MCNY media management students, grads and community members screened their films for a packed audience. Subject mattered varied from broken friendships to personal redemption. Among the films shown was the Get Down PSA. Produced by our very own Kim J. Ford, the PSA was well received by the crowd.

Festival co-producer George Kevin Jordan stated that the purpose of the festival was “to showcase people who don’t necessarily get the chance to actually show their films, so underrepresented people: minorities, blacks, gays, the whole thing. So this is an opportunity for them to do their films and also showcase the management skills of our class." The Festival was a huge success on many levels. Students were able to gain valuable experience managing an actual media event, filmmakers were able to screen their work for industry leaders and colleagues and everyone was able to learn from and network with various members of the film industry and MCNY Media Management MBA program.

For more info on MCNY’s Media Management program visit or call 800.33.THINK ext. 5001. And be sure to read more about George and his work in film and literature at


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