Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Two Washington's Explored in "The Other City"

We just witnessed HISTORY. The second swearing in of the first African American President of the United States. With an eye on Washington – or is it "DC, The Chocolate City"– we bring you our No More Stigma Film Series at Maysles Cinema on February 7th - African American HIV Awareness Day.  Maysles Cinema, the GET DOWN Campaign and our event partners A-Marketing, MEGA Personalities, Global Network of Black Pride present the documentary film "The Other City". 

In every city, there's another city that visitors rarely see. But this other city isn't just anywhere, it's in Washington, D.C.  The very city that is home to the capital of the most powerful country in the world has an HIV/AIDS rate that is not only the nation's highest, but rivals some African countries.  "The Other City" introduces us to the people who live in the shadow of the Capitol but remain almost invisible to the lawmakers and lobbyists who live there.

Produced by Sheila C. Johnson, “The Other City” tells the stories of people who haven’t let lack of government assistance stop them, and have taken matters into their own hands. After contracting HIV from a boyfriend who didn’t disclose he was infected, Jose Ramirez devotes his life to promoting HIV awareness among Hispanic teens. While living with AIDS and fighting desperately to keep herself and her three young children from being thrown out of their home, J’Mia Edwards realizes she can play a role in helping others. A one-time addict now living with AIDS, Ron Daniels saves lives by providing clean needles and helping drug users receive treatment. And finally, the staff of the AIDS hospice Joseph’s House struggles to provide solace to terminal patients’ last days, to deal with their own sense of loss, and their constantly declining funding.

Courtesy of Cabin Films.  Photo by Jonah Koch.  J'mia Edwards, a young mother living with AIDS, faces a 2-3 year wait for housing.

For these activists, remedies can’t be found within the confines of an office or a regular schedule: for some the work encompasses round-the-clock care-giving, and for others a never-ending trek through the squalid drug dens and clandestine park trails where people engage in risky behavior. Informal HIV/AIDS organizations are set up wherever people can congregate to share experiences and offer mutual support. Still, without financial support, large-scale progress is beyond the scope of these endeavors. In this environment, forward movement means providing comfort for the afflicted and saving as many lives as possible.

Come join us for the screening of "The Other City" at Maysles Cinema.  The event will be hosted by Richard E. Pelzer II and Ulysses Williams (Global Network of Black Pride). Doors open for a cocktail reception at 6:30pm and screening starts at 7:30pm.  Maysles Cinema is located at  343 Malcolm X Boulevard / Lenox Avenue, between 127th and 128th Street. Two blocks from the #2/#3 trains to 125th Street, near the world famous Apollo Theater.  Admission is $10.  

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