Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Is Here! Time to GET DOWN!!

Spring Is Here! You know what that means! The high school and college kids get that Spring fever.  Start shedding clothes and making a bee line for hot fun, sun and sand!  Time to GET DOWN!! Well, for us that means, keep pushing! The warmer the weather, the more GETTING DOWN.

Once again, we're ramping up for a new season.  Just started the new Spring 2013 semester interns!

First, meet Melissa.   Melissa Rodriguez is a senior at Brooklyn College, double majoring in psychology and creative writing.  Her passion is writing and blogging about fashion, art, talent, human awareness and more.   She also has a passion for science and her goal is to become a doctor one day and have some of her work published.  She feels fortunate very fortunate to have been selected in this internship from many who have applied previously.  Says Melissa, “I am very grateful and excited to get started this year.  I have taken an interest in the awareness of HIV/AIDS around the world. I have studied, read many articles from the past to now and I have written some blogs about my views. I have also participated in projects in the past to teach what is this STD and everything it has influenced.  I am just a normal girl who works hard in her studies, loves to write, works hard and appreciates the effort of others spreading knowledge to those most in need.” Well said Melissa! 
Welcome aboard!

Melissa Rodriguez

Meet Carlos Maximiliano  Brufau.  But you can call him "Maxi".  He's is a proud Spring 2013 GET DOWN Campaign intern.  Maxi attended Bloomfield College, played soccer and graphic design is his passion.  Carlos says “My special interested is creating graphically and also visually concepts that will express myself but also give you what GET DOWN needs.” 

Maxi Brufau

We can’t wait! Welcome!

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