Sunday, April 18, 2010


Amir Thornell describes himself as "Son of preacher, father, social worker, artist, filmmaker, Hip-Hop & youth activist...". Amir is passionate about youth & their progress. Having had life coaches who guided him early in life, he realized that as an adult he wanted to do the same. His life mission is to give back to his community starting with young people of color, which he has done for almost 20 years. Says Amir, "From camp kids becoming leaders in Washington, DC, to homeless gay kids going to college in NYC, I think I have inspired them as they have inspired me!"

Amir will be contributing a blog series he calls “The Life Student”. “Your job, all of us, is to learn and to explore”, says Amir, “so join me, Amir Thornell, as we journey together! You have a question? Tell me a little about yourself, and the answer is in your past, present, or future! The “Life Student” is passionate, productive, and purposeful!”

Amir Thornell
The Life Student

Well said Amir! We at GET DOWN look forward to more from “The Life Student”.

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