Thursday, April 22, 2010


In an age when so many pop stars are made – through undue hype – it is refreshing to find Stefani Vara, a fan of music who backs up her lifelong desire to sing with a voice so sweet you’ll wonder why she didn’t decide to become a performer until she reached high school. Vara – whose motto is “Live the life you want. You’re the creator of your destiny," Vara took destiny into her hands, by putting together several shows. “I was a big fan of live music,” Vara said. It was then that destiny paid her a visit. She met Siri Music CEO Chauncy Jackson. A single spin of “Lately,” produced by the Insomniax (JoJo, Bobby Valentino) \from her forthcoming Siri Music debut, Storybook Diaries, makes it clear that her career is destined for greatness. Vara was also the 2008 face of Southpole Footwear. Stefani Vara’s talent, hard work, and determination, combined with a sparkling personality and exotic beauty have brought her to the cusp of stardom, but it is her songs – rich, literate, melodic, and excruciatingly catch – that will propel her to stardom.


Stefani Vara lent her time and voice to the GET DOWN PSA and movement. We look forward to more from this emerging talent.

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