Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I don't know about you but the war between good & evil is having a devastating effect on the minds of not only our young but our families as well. It seems like negativity has infiltrated and taken root in too many peoples' minds. Too many of us have allowed or settled for truly mediocre or half positive leaders or temporary role models when in fact people - we need to be our own role models, our own leaders! Hence the title - Stand up, Shout Yourself Out, Be the Positive Example. Lead yourself and influence others in your immediate community! Don't wait on only celebrities or public figures to do it for us. And don't focus only on the celebrity. One of the secrets to success is that successful people focus on the work; they focus on their passion, their talent, their skill. And when they are doing well and or are focused - they 'toot their horn'!

Two great and wise women, who I call friends (and former co-workers) once told me “you’ve got to 'toot your horn' sometimes”. Sometimes you’ve got to remind people what you're worth. This was when I had reached a certain level where I used to work and I 'tooted my horn' by showing others or reminded them how far I came and or how much I have done (gave evidence); so when I was ready to do more or give more or do something different I had proof! So often, the ignorant, the needy, the arrogant, and the dramatic eat up people's time and efforts! While often the humble who are doing the right thing get overshadowed by the people who hog the limelight; they have charmed their way into our attention. The priorities of our society have been compromised - you see it everywhere, from Tiger Woods to Jesse James to violent crimes committed in our schools. These are the stories that get the most attention in the media. It might lead those of us with lower self-esteem to emulate these behaviors in order the gain attention they might not receive for doing something positive.

While some people don’t necessarily need the limelight, however, we do need to take back the minds of our people easily influenced and lead astray. Let’s make inner success and inner development priority (see future blog for more). Positive people strategize, collaborate, and coalition with other like-minded people to get your good work noticed. Who doesn't like a good champion? Good people have supporters, like Kevin Powell for instance, who is running for Congress in Brooklyn, NY (yes, I am plugging!).

I am no expert, but based on my personal and professional experience, I have tried to be a good “coach” figure and inspiring force for youth over the years. I am passionate, productive, and positive! I am combating stereotypes and prejudices by fighting the good fight & shouting the small positive things young people do to inspire them while also challenging them to do better. Like others who are also trying to inspire change (who just so happen to be celebrities) such as Wyclef and Mary J Blige, I have found my niche; found a place to be good at what I do. I also have found ways to inspire others to do good for themselves. No matter who you are, what age you are, or your circumstances, YOU CAN DO THE SAME!

How do you measure “each one teach one”? When that person you inspire comes back to you for more or begin to learn themselves! The truly positive & productive keep on doing what they do! It is a game of strategy & balance knowing when to toot your horn at the right time. Back to helping others - when you help them feel inspired then they also will be willing to change and see the good in themselves. Just maybe, sometimes, they will give you a shout out (toot your horn).

So as I wrap up, what have you done good today? What change have you made in your self, your family, your community? Tell me! I want to know!

Mr. T. Out! Until next time be a life student! Study everything around you like it's money!!!

Amir Thornell
The Life Student

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